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Whiskey Barrels SALE!!
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Premium Quality Whiskey

We will not be open for Grapes Or Juice this season. We would like to say thanks for all of your concerns and will see you next year!

Thank you!

Wne Grapes

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We developed a new and exciting platform for wine connoisseurs, restaurants, sommeliers and home winemakers. Our goal is to help bring the wine community together and is the driving force behind our new blog:

Locate your favorite winery or vinyard. Learn more about your favorite wine.

Winemakers, learn about the history of American Oak Barrels, French Oak Barrels and Hungarian Oak Barrels.

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New England's largest dealer of Northern CA wine grapes, juice, wine making
equipment & barrels.

Whether you are a first timer or an experienced wine maker you have come to the right place! We can supply you with the very best wine making
equipment and juice grapes available.

Whiskey Barrels
Whiskey Barrels
Northern Californian Grape Juice
Wine Juice
Northern Californian Wine Grapes
Wine Grapes
Grape Crushers & Destemmers
Crusher And Destemmers
Stainless Steel Wine Tanks
Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Tanks

French Oak Barrels
Wine Barrels
Wholesale prices available Please email us for more information!

Every year we stock northern California's very best fresh grapes and pressed juices.

For more information on arrivals of fresh grapes and juices, keep checking the site for updates or send us an email.
Come by our Chelsea, MA location for a quantity discount.
See & taste the grapes before you buy.

We have fresh loads of grapes arriving daily beginning the second week of September.
Come Soon As Supplies Are Limited!